Hello!! I’m Katie Dalrymple, owner of KD Photography Studios, and I’m a south jersey native with a passion for travel, adventure, and story-storytelling.

I have two beautiful rescue pups, Princess Sparkles and Lady Godiva (stay tuned for confirmation names), I eat long hot peppers with pretty much everything (especially cheese and wine), you’ll find a salt shaker hidden in my car (you can ask about that later!!), and I’m almost positive I can recite and re-enact every episode of FRIENDS for you (if you asked me to!).

I also have naturally crazy, curly hair, which epitomizes my personality… as you can partially see from my comments above…but I also think it explains  my photography style as well…artistic, honest, and bold.

The reason I’m here is to capture the real moments in your life. The little ones you don’t realize are important until they’re gone. The moments you wish you stopped to savor longer. These are what drive me in my work, and what I am here to document for you.

With my background in photojournalism, psychology, and art, I strive to combine all three areas in my work & style. The photojournalism is seen in my story-telling and documentation abilities; the psychology is used to keep us all sane during planning (lol) and also to help each individual relax and enjoy their time in front of the camera; and the art is my creative imagination, always working to find a new way to make your pictures unique to your personalities.

I dabble with posing when it’s needed, but raw emotion, authentic reactions, and real stories are what my style exemplifies. Truly the reason I do what I do is so you can relive these precious moments for the rest of your lives, as well the generations after you.

So send me a message and let’s start documenting life together!!

Left: Sitting on the Cliffs of Moher during a family trip to Ireland.
Center: Enjoying a beautiful beach day with my two pups, Lady Godiva & Princess Sparkles.
Right: One of my proudest accomplishments unrelated to photography…finishing my first Half Marathon in NYC #womenruntheworld.
Home Page Image: We had a Doggies with Santa Fundraiser at my studio for one of the local shelters. My boyfriend Matt was Santa, and this is us with our two pups after the event.