Hello there!

I'm Katie Dalrymple, a wedding and lifestyle photojournalist from Sea Isle City, NJ. I have crazy curly hair, a big personality, and am the fur mama of two beautiful rescue pups, Princess Sparkles and Lady Godiva. I come from a large Italian family where there's always a reminiscent story excitedly being told over good food (or just at the counter in the family store). Listening to my family history, and hearing stories about my parents when they were young, or loved ones I never met, may be where my passion for documentation began.

(Left) My sister Nicole, brother Charles, and me at Charles' Nursing School graduation from Johns Hopkins University. (Middle) Here I am on a beach run with my two beautiful rescue pup, Lady Godiva and Princess Sparkles. (Right) Photographing the wedding of one of my grade school friends. Everyone who was there that attended our grade school hopped into the picture.

I'm in love with traveling, meeting new people, learning about other cultures, experiencing life through food & stories (and some wine), rescuing animals, and collecting little moments every day of my life. I want to see the whole world, and with every place I've visited so far, I always find that the most exciting and memorable ones are the tiny towns outside the cities. Or the little streets off the main road. The places filled with locals, relaxing after a long day, talking about life, where you can't help but actually feel like you've become a part of their culture just by being there.


This love of small moments with real people is part of the reason I became a photographer. There are so many significant occasions in peoples' lives that need to be documented, but sometimes it's the little, in-between times, that are the most memorable. My goal and passion in my work is to capture authentic moments between people; documenting them creating special memories together. It's these little details that fill in the gaps in our live's stories.


Another reason I became a photographer is because I believe in preservation. Family history and culture are both so important to me. I've always been interested in learning where I came from, and about the lives of family members before me. I'm intrigued by how customs, personality traits, and memories are passed down through generations.


I never had the chance to meet my paternal grandmother, Angie, a savvy business woman, but I'm told I look like her. My grandfather, Charles ("Dal"), a Coast Guard veteran, passed away when I was two, so the only way I know either of them is through stories I've been told and pictures I've collected. I am, though, lucky enough to have spent most of my life making memories with my maternal grandparents, Mommom and Poppop. My Mommom, Florida ("The Ruler of The World"), will be 95 this August and is still the master at finishing crossword puzzles. My Poppop, Francis ("Chick"), a Navy veteran who passed away in 2012, was one of the liveliest people I ever met. He traveled the world with my Mommom until late in life, and never missed an opportunity to tell you a joke...although you were lucky if you heard the punch line because he'd start laughing before he'd finish!! He was a great businessman, the handyman for everyone, and always active & working.

(Left) With my Poppop at my cousin Sean's wedding in CT. (Right) I was commissioned to photograph a submarine for the Navy before it was submerged. I was flown over the Finger Lakes in a tiny plane out of Penn Yan, NY and circled around the sub to take the pictures. I even got to fly the plane for about five seconds!!

As a photojournalist I learned repeatedly that anything can happen at any moment. And I learned the hard way that once that moment has passed, it's never guaranteed to happen again, and if it does, it's never exactly the same. As I said my Poppop was a great handyman, and I'll never forget the last time I saw him mow the lawn at my parents' house. I was running out to my car on my way to work, and saw him on the riding mower with his big straw hat. The golden hour light was hitting the yard so perfectly, and the entire image looked like a scene from a movie. I hesitated and was about to run and grab my camera to take a picture of him, but knew I'd be late for work and thought, "I'll get it next time he mows the lawn". But that moment never happened again, and I never got that picture. After a few times of missing these "little" moments, that I can no longer show others, I've made a point to try and have my camera handy at all times.


I was especially glad I did one particular time when I ended up recording one of my favorite videos. It's of my Poppop's last Easter. The whole family was at the table, and I decided to discreetly set up a tiny video camera, just to capture some memories as we all told stories at dinner. My Poppop told one of his classic jokes, and the entire table erupted in laughter. The video ends with Poppop trying to get out the punchline of his joke, but he's laughing so hard you can barely understand him. Although it's just a short, grainy video that I took on a whim, it's become a favorite memory that everyone asks to see annually on Easter and his birthday. It was by no means an epic moment in any of our lives, but it was a time when we were all together, enjoying each others' company as a family, with Poppop still here, that's what made it so special.


We may not be able to document every small memory in our day-to-day lives, but my passion is to try to record as many as possible. Any moment that's special to us in some way... big or small...is worth photographing, because each of them tells a bit of the story of who we are.

(Left) My senior year of college I did a long-term multimedia story on an amazing nun from Ghana. Her name is Sister Mary Joana Baidoo, IHM. After I graduated I visited her in Ghana for a month and continued my story on her. (Right) Here I am with my siblings and cousins, celebrating our Mommom's (right) 90th birthday! To her left is one of her oldest friends.